Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon, FL N 28 45 W 80 51

Sunday, December 3, 2006

This morning started with a dense fog bank. However, we were just outside the fog bank rather than in it, so our luck returned.

Today is one of those for which Florida is famous. We have scattered clouds, light breezes, temperature in the mid 70s. It is hard to imagine it being more pleasant. It is also Sunday, so there are lots of people out on their boats. In fact, every single boat in the whole state should be out here cruising, or sailing or fishing today. It's such a nice weekend day.

I had fun watching a small bird (perhaps a cormorant) with a fish in his mouth. The fish appeared to be several times too big as to fit down the bird's gullet. The bird fiddled and maneuvered, and finally after 5 minutes he managed to get the fish turned around with th head pointing down the bird's throat. Then -- gulp -- and the fish was swallowed. Amazing.

We passed a little island about 75 feet in diameter. It was covered with pelicans. About one pelican per square foot, which is about as tightly packed as they can be.

We passed an aluminum dock. It was covered with small birds. The birds looked like pigeons but they weren't. They were some kind of sea bird. On the dock there must have been 15 birds per square foot. They were much more tightly packed than the pelicans were.

We're heading for the railroad bridge near Titusville. We'll anchor there tonight hiding out from North winds. But that will put us close to the Kennedy Space center, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne, and we have several days left before the shuttle launch. No plans yet for what to do with those days.

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