Friday, December 08, 2006

To Scrub Or Not To Scrub

Titusville Marina

Friday, December 8, 2006

Well last night we had company. Ed and Sally and Paul and Merissa all came to visit. Sally was the heroine. She brought a delicious lasagna dinner with all the fixings. The six of us devoured it.

After dinner we explored the area around the marina for a good spot to watch the launch from. We came across two huge manatee cows with their calves. In the end we didn't find any better place than the deck of Tarwathie. We could see the launch pad from the foredeck. According to the TV and radio reports, everything was GO, although the weather didn't look promising.

What a disappointment when at the exact moment of scheduled lift off, the project manager said, "Scrub for today." Nasty project manager. Where do they find people to take jobs like project manager?

Launch or no, we always enjoy having company so the day was a success.

Today, we're laying in because of weather. We hope that my niece Kristi may be able to come and visit tonight.

This afternoon we were a little bored so Libby suggested taking a cab to the nearest Wal Mart for Christmas shopping. Boy what a mistake that was. The round trip taxi ride cost us $50. That was five times more than we expected. To make things worse we didn't find much to buy in Wal Mart so we had a very poor return on our $50 investment. We should have scrubbed that trip. Where is a good project manager when you need him? :)

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