Monday, February 26, 2007

The Repowering Project Day 5

Fort Pierce

This has been another day of good progress. We got the engine out by 10:00. It only took about a half hour of fiddling. The boatyard brought their big fork lift over to do the lifting. It was ideal for the job. We just tied a chain to one of the forks and lifted. It took a little wiggling to make it find its way out. We also had to remove the exhaust header because it was jamming.

That leaves us 2.5 days to clean up the engine compartment, repaint and get ready for Bud Taplin. Things are going according to plan.

I asked the boatyard to order us two gallons of ablative bottom paint. Our existing bottom paint may have a year of life left in it, but while we’re here up on the hard we might as well paint.

Repowering days 6 and 7

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