Friday, March 23, 2007

Another Lovely Day In Paradise

At Sea, N 25 00 W 80 27

Friday, March 23

Yesterday was gray and rainy all day so we did nothing. Today is quite another thing. That same strong persistent E to NE wind that is preventing us from crossing over to the Bahamas can be put to good use for another purpose -- namely to head for the keys. We're taking advantage of it. We left Biscayne Bay at first light. Now we are screaming down the hawk channel towards Marathon.

The sky is blue with scattered clouds. The water is a lovely turquoise. The winds are about 18 knots on our beam. The temperature is about 82F (28C). The seas are very modest, only 1=2 feet. Tarwathie loves it. We're doing between 5 and 8.5 knots, with an average about 6.6, on just a double reefed main and our yankee sail (i.e. the big jib.) Libby saw a sea turtle a little while ago. On our right side about 2 miles away are a parade of keys. We just passed the south end of Key Largo. We're
also overtaking and passing several bigger sailboats. That always makes us happy. We seem to be making 1 to 1.5 knots better speed than those 40-45 footers. All things considered, it would be hard to imagine a nicer day.

We just passed the John Pennycamp state park where one is supposed to be able to take a mooring on the outside and snorkel. Libby didn't want to stop, so we went on by. We figure to arrive at Marathon tonight about 2300. We'll probably anchor outside the entrance to avoid entering that crowded harbor at night.

p.s. I just listened to a congressman on the radio talking about cap and trade systems for CO2. Since according to web-based polls, our environmental footprint is 3 whereas the average American's footprint is 23, the income we stand to make from carbon credits should finance our retirement. Shh, don't let the secret out or everybody will want to do it.

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