Friday, March 16, 2007

Gassed Up

Stuart, Florida

We signed up for another day here to allow the refrigerator man to come. His name is Fred Schultze. He's an experienced man who just struck out on his own. He fixed things fine for us.

At first, Fred was puzzled by the high suction pressure of the Technautics unit we have. He said that he never saw one so high before. He said that he was afraid of putting too much coolant in. That's as bad as too little. We couldn't call Technatics because it was too early in the morning California time. So we read the manual. It said, "Ignore pressures. Fill with coolant gas until no bubbles appear in the sight glass." That's what he did and it fixed things.

Fred had a very neat tool that I never saw before. It was a digital temperature sensor that appeared to work from reflected light from a red laser. It read temperatures from a distance and it did it instantly. We were able to pan it over the surface of the cold plate and actually see the temperature distribution throughout the plate. Very cool, no pun intended.

Anyhow, we're refrigerated again and I ran off to the supermarket to buy a supply of ice cream. We (mostly me) are seriously addicted to a dish of ice cream before bed. When we're out of the country and no ice cream is available, I'll probably have withdrawal symptoms.

Did the Winlink work OK yesterday? I hope so.

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