Saturday, March 24, 2007

Welcome Back To Marathon

Marathon, FL Public Library

Well, we got here last night about 2300 and anchored outside the harbor. Libby said, "That was about the nicest day sailing we ever had." It's hard to disagree with that. It was sure great.

The trip was very fast. Last year we sailed the same passage, from Key Biscayne to Boot Key and it took 24 hours. This time it took only 15 hours to do the 90 plus miles. We averaged more than 6 knots, and what's more we never heeled more than 10 degrees the whole time.

This morning we entered the harbor just in time for the cruiser's VHF net. It made us feel very welcome to hear several pepole chime in with "Welcome Back Tarwathie" I swear, this is one of the friendliest places around. No wonder we like it so much.

From the annals of the improbable. I just heard by email that our friend Chris, who is wintering up in Annapolis heard us check in on the Boot Key Cruiser's net. Huh? VHF certainly doesn't carry 982 miles. I suspect that the answer to the mystery is that Crhis was talking by phone to another friend here in Boot Key who was listening to the radio and heard us checking in Tarwathie. What are the odds of that?

Tomorrow we'll look for other boats waiting to cross to The Bahamas, before deciding on how long to stay here.

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