Sunday, April 08, 2007

Best Wishes Chris and Barbara

Marathon Public Library
24.71035 -81.095774

Yesterday, we went to the wedding reception for Chris and Babara. Chris is a character well known to the cruisers. He runs the water taxi service here in Boot Key Harbor, under the name Smorgasboat. Here's a picture of Smargasboat all decked out with tin cans, nautical style.
The reception was in the Marathon City Marina and all cruisers in the harbor were invited. Since it is Easter weekend, many people were away, but still we had enough. Here are Chris and Barbara

Libby brought her famous seven-layer dip. That's always a hit.

Some of the guests even came formally dressed.

Anyhow, the reception was great fun. We, like all the cruisers familiar with Marathon, wish the happy couple the best of luck. They say that they yearn to get out of Book Key and to cruise a little. Let's hope that they fulfill that ambition.

The reception must have put everyone in a loving mood. When we returned to the boat we found a duck swimming around with his pet fish. The fish followed the duck everywhere, matching each move left right forward or back. You can just make out the fish in this picture.

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