Friday, April 13, 2007

Biscayne Local News

No Name Harbor, Key Biscayne, FL
N 25 40 37 W 080 09 46

Last night we looked at the sky and it was apparent that the air was particularly clear. The stars shone intensely. That made me regret that we were in Hurricane Hole surrounded by houses. If we had been anchored out in the bay we would have been treated to a spectacular view of the Miami skyline at night.

This morning we decided to move back to No Name Harbor. As we left the hole and looked over to Miami I could see that everything was covered by smog. What a difference a few hours can make. I wished again that we had seen it the night before when the air was clear.

Today we are tied up on the wall at No Name and tonight we'll anchor out in the Bay. The winds should be favorable tomorrow, so at first light we'll be out to sea once again.

I learned from the local grapevine that someone drowned nearby yesterday because of the storm. There was a 23 foot sailboat out near the entrance to the channel. It had two men on board. The boat capsized. One of the men did what he is supposed to do, he hung on the to boat. The second man tried to swim for Foley Rock Light and he drowned. The didn't find his body yet. What a tragedy. How can we understand the thoughts of so many people who die from exactly that mistake?

I also heard about nearby Crandal Park Marina that we complained about a month ago. A local man told me that the moorings were poorly maintained and that many boats were wrecked there in Katrina and again in Wilma. He also said that facilities that the Marina claims are awaiting rebuilding after the hurricanes were actually out of service for three years preceding the hurricane.

This is our third time in No Name. To our surprise, we found a shower and washing machines here. We didn't know about them the first two times we were here.

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