Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Call For Crew

Marathon Public Library

If we can get a third (or a third and fourth) crew person, we could go out into the Gulf Stream and make a straight passage from Miami to Beaufort, North Carolina. We would depart sometime between April 10 and April 25. The passage would take about a week (depending on weather of course), and it should be warm and pleasant. The chance of a lifetime for a semi-tropical offshore cruise. Any of you interested? Please call us at 518 256 0889.

If we fail to get crew, we'll start heading up the coast next week, planning offshore passages of 48 hours or less.

The boats have been leaving Marathon at a rapid rate. Many are heading North to the Chesapeake or New England, or Georgia. Many are heading to Gulf destinations, like Pensacola or Galveston. Some are heading for the Bahamas, and more than a few are heading for Trinidad to wait out the huricaine season. We would have left too but Libby had a sore back for a few days. It is nearly better now but we should not push things too fast.

We've been keeping busy by repainting some of the interior spaces. We would like to install some of that fancy Corian type stone-like counter-top material, but the man at the store said it was sold only as installed package deals and that the installers would not do boats.

Last night was an especially warm and clear night with a spectacularly brilliant full moon. It really made us want to be at sea on such a night.

We had drinks last night with John and Nancy from Colchester Vermont. They grew up around Essex Junction and Williston so they knew all the places we know in Vermont. It was fun.

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