Monday, April 23, 2007

Hurry Up and Wait

Saint Augustine City Marina

The good news is that I ordered a replacement part for the toilet. The bad news is that they have none in stock. They'll custom make me one but it will take 2-3 days and $130. Oh well. I signed up for a week's stay at this marina.

Last year we stayed at Oyster Creek because our friends on Albion reccomended it and because it was a bargain. Only $150 for a week's slip rental. Well prices went up a lot. It was $250/week this year. Ouch.

Once again we find ourselves stranded in paradise and it's hard to garner sympathy from blog readers. Today we walked to the old city, had a look at Flagler College, toured the old spanish fort, and walked through the tourist street and the old part of the city.

It's another one of those days. Not a cloud in sight. 85 degrees, a mild breeze. Like I said, it's hard to sound deprived and downtrodden in such conditions.

The frustrating part is that the weather forecast says that the window for sailing north for Beaufort starts today. We would have four straight days of southerly winds and no storms.

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