Sunday, April 22, 2007


San Sebastian River near Saint Augustine
N 29 53 16 W 081 19 27

What can we say? It has been yet another splendid sunny day in Florida.

We left the marina about 0830 this morning. I felt bad because coming out we had to pass through a very narrow side channel with a powerful cross current. I couldn't slow down without loosing control and drifting aground. There was another sailboat coming north and I was forced to enter the ICW rudely right in front of him. I called him on the radio after to apologize.

The winds were light today, but from the east. We raised the sails but the wind didn't add much to our speed. Pete, Libby, and I took turns at the helm. The rest of the time, we spent watching the people on other boats or the homes along the shores. Since this was a nice Sunday, there were lots of people, all kinds of people, out on the water. It was the kind of lazy summer-like day that was impossible not to like.

Bad news. The J B weld did not repair the broken part from the head. Neither did Gorilla Glue. Oh well, it was a long shot anyhow. That part is designed to transmit a lot of force via shear. That's not the kind of thing that glue, or even welding is likely to succeed in repairing.

Since we don't have a functioning head, we pulled in to a marina again tonight. We are at Oyster Creek Marina, a place where we spent a whole week last year. It's a nice spot and convenient to things on shore. Tomorrow we'll stay here and I'll try to order a new toilet part to be sent here via FedEx. We can also play tourist. Saint Augustine is a splendid place to be a tourist. Pete will try to find ground transportation to get to Jacksonville for his plane on Tuesday.

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