Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Schenectady Public Library

Wow! We have such great friends, and we're being reunited with so many of them this week.

Yesterday afternoon I went to see our dear old friend Rollie at his office in the Stockade. After that I went to PTI and got to meet almost all the PTIers who were there in the old days when I worked there. While I was away, another friend Roger stopped by the boat to say hello.

In the evening, we drove out to West Charlton. We got a peek at our old house. We hardly recognized it because they may so many changes. Then we had dinner with our friends and former neighbors John and Mari. What a great day it was for Libby and I. It made us realize how much contact we miss with our vagabond life style (not that we regret the cruising life, but every choice in life has its consequences.)

Today we had a visit at the boat from Diane, Carmello's wife and sailing companion from last year. It would be great to have Dianne and Carmello join us for another passage sometime soon. We also had a visit from Rollie. It's always good to see Rollie any time.

I also had the chance this morning to visit my favorite restaurant ever. Oliver's Restaurant in Glenville NY. Oliver's offers two attractions. First is the owner and hostess Claudia who has become a good friend over all the years we stopped there. Second, Oliver's makes the best home fried potatoes on the planet. Now that I am officially traveled wide and far, I can attest that nobody makes them better than Oliver's. I have been know to fantasize about Oliver's home fries while standing watch at sea. Anyhow, I ate my fill of them this morning.

Tonight, we're going out for dinner with Fred and Mary. The fun just goes on and on.

Tomorrow we head for Vermont to spend a week camping with our kids and grandkids. It should be a great time. I'll write blog articles, but it is likely that I can't post them until we get back. We're camping on Burton Island in Lake Champlain. There is no electricity, no Internet there on Burton Island.

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