Sunday, March 16, 2008

Culinary Delights

Green Turtle Cay
N 26 46.63 W 077 20.15

There are thousands of islands in the Bahamas that we haven't seen yet. It would be fun to explore them all. On the other hand, the reefs with coral and pretty tropical fish are only on the periphery, and most of the cays I suspect would just be endless repetition of the same sights we see elsewhere. All that is just in the way of an excuse for our command decision. We decided that Green Turtle Cay, and its next door neighbor Manjack Cay, are our favorite parts of the Abacos. Therefore,
we are going to spend the next week or so right here.

This place has lots to offer. White Sound where we are anchored, is well sheltered and very picturesque. New Plymouth, 3 miles away is as quaint and unspoiled as anyone could hope for. To us, that is much more charm than Marsh Harbor or Hope Town. There are also fantastic beaches. In fact, yesterday Libby and I went snorkeling from one of those beach coves and we had the whole beach to ourselves part of the time. We can also rent a golf cart to explore the island and it's nature trails.
We can also dinghy around the island to the bigger coral reefs for snorkeling. We can also visit Manjack Cay or No Name Cay both next door, which had abundant natural beauty and nearly uninhabited. It sure sounds optimum to us.

I have to apologize for one thing. When transferring pictures from our camera to the computer the other day I pushed the wrong button and erased 215 picture. Whoops.

Our friend Dave Hackett wrote so say that we should write more about all the culinary delights we enjoy hear; the conch fritters and lobsters and so on. Actually, we haven't bought conch meat or lobsters yet; they are both expensive. On the other hand, we did buy some excellent grouper and that fed us for two days. Grouper meat is most delicious.

At Maxwell's Market in Marsh Harbor we also found yellow split peas. We haven't seen yellow split peas since living in Sweden. In the USA, they seem to sell only the green ones. Last night, Libby made me the Swedish National dish- pea soup and pancakes. It was great. If you ever find yourself in Sweden on a Thursday, be sure to eat the pea soup and pancakes for lunch. You can garnish them with lingon berries or with applesauce. You should also know that each spoon full of pea soup is best
when you also put a small dab of mustard on the spoon. Mmmm mmmm good.

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