Monday, March 10, 2008

Escape from Marsh Harbor

Near Hope Town, Bahamas
N 26 32.461 W 076 58.001

This morning I vacillated, unable to decide on our next destination. Libby didn't have anything to suggest either. We did an engine oil change, then we tanked off with diesel fuel ($4.95/gallon wow!). After lunch I decided that anything was better than indecision so I said, "Let's leave."

Part of the reason for indecision is that we have only good choices for the next few days. We'll have 3-4 days of nearly zero wind. That's perfect weather for snorkeling on the reefs.

We could return to Manjack and Green Turtle Cays. It is much less touristy up there. Down at this end of the Abacos, there are lots of resorts and vacation houses. Up at Manjack and Green Turtle is it less spoiled. Both ends offer excellent snorkeling.

On the other hand, we haven't been south to Sandy Cay and Little Harbor yet. Further, there is a national land and sea park down there where fishing is prohibited. We've heard that the fish are more plentiful on the reefs in this park. So that's where we're going.

On the way, we hoped to spend a day in Hope Town on Elbow Cay. We couldn't get in however. Hope Town harbor has only moorings, no anchorage. We called ahead, but all the moorings were booked. Too bad. We're anchored not too far away from Hope Town, but we won't be trying to dinghy in there tonight. Perhaps on the way back we can see Hope Town.

p.s. Last night we played Balderdash again with Leon and Kim and Ron and Jethro. Everyone we've tried that game on loves it.

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