Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Technology --- Ain't it Terrible

Green Turtle Cay
N 26 46.63 W 077 20.15

We carry a printer/copier/scanner on board. We don't use it often, but once in a while it proves useful. The other day, I set out to set up the printer to make a copy. We keep it in the original storage box up in the V berth. I retrieved the box, and set it down on the settee to take the printer out. When I picked it up again, I say a horrifying sight. The printer's black ink cartridge had leaked. There was ink all over the printer, and the inside of the box, and worst of all, on the
seat cushion and seat cover and on my shirt. OH NO!

I quickly soaked the stained spots in water, and got out the stain remover. The prompt action worked. The stains came out of the seat and the cover. The shirt was a loss, but that's only a small problem.

The whole thing was my fault. The previous time I used the printer, I refilled the black cartridge with ink using a syringe. I must have done something wrong.

Technology --- arrrrrrgh.

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