Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Vero Beach

Well, the deed is done. Today I rented a car and drove to Fort Lauderdale. My friend George from Sea Otter II came with me. We had a bit of difficulty finding the place so I dialed the local number of the owner. He answered his cell phone, and gave us directions, but he mentioned that he happened to be in Ecuador this morning. Wow, the technology is great. Anyhow, we found the garage front operation and picked up the chain. I bought two pieces, one 50 feet long and the other 225 feet long. 5/16 chain weighs about 1.5 pounds per foot.

I'm worried about the quality of the chain I bought. It is imported and it does not have the G4 stamp embossed on each link. Nevertheless, we learned a couple of things from the man who helped us load the chain. First, he said that the owner should have refused the $2/foot price quoted on their web page because it costs $1.75 wholesale. Secondly, the primary customer of this company (and of all the other small companies in the industrial neighborhood) are the nearby ship yards that build and maintain super yachts. If the ship yards buy this stuff, it can't be too bad.

We drove back to the boat, and without much trouble we were able to load the chain in to the dinghy and I rowed it out to Tarwathie. Then I rowed the old rusty chain back to shore and threw it in the dumpster.

No more rusty decks when we anchor. Horray!

Enough work for one day. Now it's time for my nap.

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