Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Advice, Part 2

Vero Beach, FL

... continued from yesterday.

One more bit of advice. Err on the low side when buying a boat. Too many people spend a fortune to get a boat with all the amenities they are accustomed to. They think that they mitigate the risk by downscaling their life styles gradually. Actually, they add greatly to the expense, while missing one of the greatest joys of cruising, living simply. After a year or two, when you know better what you need, you can always trade up.

Libby and I sailed on inland lakes for 30 years. We have many long weekends and 1-2 week vacations on our boat and chartered boats. When we retired, we reviewed our lives and realized that our fondest memories were all associated with times on the sailboat. Therefore, it was clear to us that we would like the cruising life.

Libby also had that 30 year period to become familiar with my skills and judgement as skipper; so she felt safe. I think the #1 reason why women and men don't see eye to eye on sailing is that (most) men love a little danger while (most) women hate it. A single hour of terror can wipe out a year's good feelings. That's where the confidence comes in. Accidents, mistakes, threats and challenges are not terrifying when you're confident. Now, after 5 years on Tarwathie Libby is additionally confident of her own abilities even if I become disabled and she is truly relaxed.

p.s. I should apologize to the questioner. She asked a narrow question about how to prepare financially. My answer was too broad for the question.

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  1. Hear hear! And think size as well as money . . . we sail most places. We have been ASTOUNDED at the number of boats we have seen on perfectly decent sailing days, motoring away. We spoke to friends on a 41' catamaran who lamented the fact that their mainsail is so big and so hard to hoist that they often do not sail if they have a short trip to make. Makes us look at our 28' boat with new-found respect (even with 4 aboard!) Maddie (8 years old) can hoist the main most of the way up by herself!


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