Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cabin Arrangements

Vero Beach, FL
27 39.63 N 080 22.26 W

Reader Jennifer asks:
Your blog has been a great source of entertainment, education, and inspiration to us. Thank you for it and please keep up the good work! I'm afraid I'll show my ignorance with this question, but here goes. Do Westsail 32s have 2 cabins or one? I seem to recall you writing about having guests and you had to haul all the stuff out of 'the attic' to accomodate them. By this I understood you meant the v berth. So where do you guys sleep? I would appreciate details about the day to day living aboard. My husband, Robert and I have 14 years until we hope to undertake the plunge.
Thanks Jennifer. I meant several times to make a photo essay about Tarwathie's layout, but my photography skills weren't up to it. Try this out.

One reason that I love classical sailboats is that their designs are so refined. By refined I mean fine tuned, improved repeatedly, and tested for real life utility. The factory standard Westsail 32 is an example, and Tarwathie's former owners added some great improvements.

A wonderful refinement and one which addresses Jennifer's question is mutiple use of the same space in the main cabin. Since space is at a premium, multiple uses of the same space is very important. Below are pictures of the 6 different ways we use the same space.

Salon mode: It is open and airy. It helps to combat feelings of claustrophobia. The white walls help a lot as does the transparent hatch barely visible at the top. All berths and tables are retracted.

Lounge mode: The berth Libby is sitting on is extended. We like this mode for relaxing, napping, reading, making baskets, or watching a movie on DVD. As you see, Libby and I each have generous size lounges. I'm reading the paper while Libby is making a new pine needle basket.

Office mode. I'm sitting there writing a blog. The table is down but folded in half. That allows people to walk past the table to go forward. Note the extra racks for storage on the bulkhead behind where the table folds.

Dinner mode: The table is down and unfolded. We comfortably seat 4 for dinner and in a pinch 6 or 8.

Sleeping mode: The table is up, and the top berth on the starboard side is pulled out. We move a back cushion from the port side berth to the starboard side and it makes a double bed. You can see Libby and I modeling in the bed. We find this bed much more convenient and comfortable than the one in the V berth.

Below is the mode we use at sea. Look carefully and you can see canvas lee cloths in front of both starboard berths with lines fastening them to the ceiling. The lee cloths prevent you from rolling out of bed. We only need one person at a time to sleep. We use the lower berth for that. Meanwhile, loose objects that might fall on the floor are thrown into the top berth behind the lee cloth.

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  1. Dick: Thanks for the interior shots of your home/boat. I like your arrangement better then Pygmalions configuration - just seem a better use of space - the folding table and slide out berth - very nice.



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