Sunday, September 26, 2010


Waterford, NY
42 47.22 N 073 40.76 W

Well, we had a car over the weekend and this area is our former stomping ground. Therefore, Libby and I indulged in nostalgia for the past few days.

  • We visited West Charlton and our friends Bud and Nan.
  • We ate king steak sandwiches at Morette's restaurant in Schenectady.
  • We went to a movie at Scotia Cinema, our former neighborhood theater. Wouldn't you know it, we encountered friends in the lobby.
  • We visited John and Mary Ann in Glenville.
  • Our friend Pete from Guilderland came over for a visit.
  • I drove to nearby Cohoes falls, following a tip from Pete. I never saw it before. It's quite beautiful. (Picture below)
  • We picked up my sister Marilyn at her group home and took her out for a day.
  • We ate at Oliver's in Glenville; home of the world's best home fries. I've written about Oliver's several times on this blog.
  • We had a visit from Libby's cousin Susan. We also had a separate visit from Susan's daughter Beth and Beth's daughters Katelyn and Kristen.

Cohoes Falls

The local area where the Mohawk River splits into 4 branches at the confluence of the Hudson River.

Tarwathie and other boats at the Waterford Visitor Center. Libby and Marilyn are shopping at the farmers market behind Tarwathie.
They had a tug boat festival here a couple of weeks ago and some of the tug boats are left over.

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