Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alone Again

Abemarle Sound
36 04.89 N 076 07.59 W

Reluctantly, we said goodbye to David yesterday and let him return home.  It was a great pleasure having him aboard.  Dave is a gentleman through and through.  Even citizens of Elizabeth City said the same things about Dave.

I think Dave was surprised by the extent of the social live we enjoyed at Elizabeth City.  This was our 10th stop there.  By now we know a lot of people there.  Sadly, Fred Fearing, our favorite Rose Buddy passed away in 2007.   We also know many of the cruisers and we met several good cruising friends while there.   We also got to make some new friends who will be in Marathon this winter.  It really is a small connected world.

Libby took full advantage of the opportunity to do something every mother likes to do -- to spoil her son and shower him with kindness.   I got to ride along, and I have to say WOW; I haven't eaten so well for a whole week in many years.

Well, we have a week to get to Oriental to meet up with rigging parts in shipment.  We don't need a week to get there, so we have some time to kill.  We also have a window with delightfully warm and calm weather.   We're taking advantage of that to visit places we haven't seen before.

Today's destination is Columbia, NC.   It is off the Abemarle about 17 miles west of the ICW.   Tomorrow I'll report on how it was.

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