Saturday, October 16, 2010

Loss of A Landmark

Oriental Public Dock
35 01.50 N 076 41.74 W

We are at the Oriental Public Dock this morning. You can see us on the web cam here. However, we're hoping for a visit from Dave and Cathy this afternoon so we're going to move to the Oriental Marina next door where they have more ameneties. We'll be slightly out of the camera view on the left.

In February 2005, Libby and I started out on this grand adventure. We began with a long shopping trip to find a Westsail 32. We looked at 14 of them; Tarwathie was the best. The first two W32s on our itinerary were here in Oriental. We drove down from New York and got here early. While we were waiting for the broker to open, we discovered a wonderful store -- The Inland Waterway Provision Company. It was a cross between a clothes store and a West Marine. We loved it

Each successive visit to Oriental, we always shopped in The Provision Company. Well, we sadly learned yesterday that The Provision Company has closed its doors. It is a thing of the past. It marks the passage of an institution that thousands of East Coast Cruisers will sorely miss.

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