Monday, October 18, 2010

On The Road Again

Moorhead City, NC
34 43.19 N 076 42.57 W

We waited at Oriental Marina for our UPS package containing the parts to repair our rigging. It finally came at 1330. We left immediately. We want to press on making the best time possible southward.

Next week is Nick's graduation from infantry school at Fort Benning Georgia. We want to be there for that. If possible, we'd like to leave Tarwathie at Saint Mary's GA and drive to Fort Benning.

We may not get that far though. The winds aren't favorable for offshore passage and Saint Mary's is 500 ICW miles away. Motoring 12 hours per day that will take 9 days; about 2 days longer than we have available.

Oh well, we'll keep our fingers crossed for favorable winds. Saint Marys is only 400 miles away as the crow flies. That's only 3.5 days travel on the outside. If that doesn't happen, we'll have to find a place closer than Saint Marys.

Along the way, we hope for an evening at Osprey Marina in Myrtle Beach. Our friends Ray and Pat will be near there this week.

Anyhow, the NC weather is very pleasant this time of year. Daily temperature ranges are about 48-72F (9-22C). The sunsets have been spectacular. We're having fun.

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