Monday, November 29, 2010

Artistic Flowering

Vero Beach

Libby is getting more and more inventive in her pine needle basketry. I suppose this is how artistry arises.

The hourglass shaped basket has a glass bottle inside. Like a ship in a bottle, this is a bottle in a basket. She intends it to become a flower vase.

The round basket is intended to become a wall hanging. She left the tail stocking out unfinished. That shows the construction technique and makes it a conservation piece for the owner.

The third picture shows Libby at work teaching her second group of students how to make baskets. By popular demand, she's teaching a third group today.

Hats off to Libby.

p.s. I apologize for the poor editing of recent posts. Although I can create posts on my droid phone, advanced editing features are lacking; especially regarding pictures.

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  1. Does that count her lesson last year in Stuart with Doris and myself.? I treasure both the basket Libby made me and the one I made - no easy task. Miss you 2 and wish I could have been there this week.xo Margaet


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