Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Levels of Frustration

Altamaha Sound, GA
31 19.08 N 081 21.88 W

Today turned out to be cold and wet, tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be the same. Further, tomorrow's forecast flipped this morning. Instead of N 10-15 it now says S 10-15. Oh well, we'll get outside sometime.

Our frustration is palpable but obviously not as much as the couple in the power boat above. It sits 30 feet outside the channel. We came across them about noon. Look closely, you'll see that their boat is all the way out of the water. The propellers are plainly visible. There's 8 feet of tide here and the picture was snapped at low tide. Therefore, late this afternoon they should be able to float off. Anybody's guess though whether their propellers are damaged or not. The props on power boats are very vulnerable compared to the protection that Tarwthie offers.

We passed through the worst shoaling spot on the ICW, Little Mud River. We hit it at exactly low tide. Uh oh., our favored source for ICW info, said that it was only 3 feet deep there at low tide. Double uh oh. We made it though. We saw nothing less than 6.5 feet and we met a tugboat who made it through; he draws 8 feet. I guess the note on is out of date.

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