Sunday, November 21, 2010

Professor Libby

Vero Beach

Libby had a good day. She went to a picnic table on shore to teach two of her friends how to make pine needle baskets. Before long though, she had 5 students. Good for her. I think she had fun. She's going to do it again next Wednesday.

Not such a great day for me. It rained last night. One of the portholes wasn't dogged tight so it leaked. The leaks dribbled on my laptop. Now it won't power up. Oh no. I'm hooping it will revive when it dries out. Meanwhile I'm using the droid to write blogs.

P.s. On the economy post. Libby observed that many of the cruising boats that aren't here this year are the power boats. Given their higher operating costs and higher standard of living, it makes sense. Frugal is better in hard times.

Libby is also trying short bike rides each day. Since she is missing three disks in her back she really has to be careful. Still, even a short ride exercises muscles that haven't been used in years. It must be a good thing.
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