Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reverse Snobbery

Vero Beach
27 39.51 N 080 22.27 W
  • A Vero resident was overheard on the bus today. She said, "I can't tell the difference between the boaters and the homeless."

  • The City of Vero Beach wants to tear down an apartment building because "it attracts transients." Well, we are transients.
It may be perverse, but I take pride in our kind of reverse snobbery. I choose to interpret our appearance and our status as signaling that we cruisers "have arrived" in life. We have no need for pretentions, no concern about what others think, no need to maintain appearances for other's sake. We are just happy to be who we are and to enjoy life.

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  1. Dick, you are entering a very interesting area with this post. I have a friend who works with homeless in a large city. As a camper, motorcycle traveler and someday (soon) sailboat liveaboard, I was curious about what defines a person as 'homeless'. "dwelling in an area not meant for human habitation"
    Frequently I discuss the old west (being in Texas) and the idea of moving along with your 'home' on your saddle. Just like a motorcycle. Or living in an RV, or boat.
    What a meaty subject for around the table or in the cockpit!
    As always - well done, D&L, and thanks for sharing!


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