Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marathon: Now What?

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL
34 42.54 N 081 05.58 W

I'm surprised by how fast the passage was.  We sailed from Lake Work Inlet in Palm Beach to Marathon.   The distance was 156 nautical miles.  The passage time was 27 hours.   Average speed 5.7 knots.   We didn't have to take evasive action to avoid other vessels even once.   We think that sailing the Hawk Passage here in the keys is one of the most enjoyable sails anywhere.  At least when sailing southwestward.  Don't ask about the other way.

We're planning on staying here 3-4 months before departing for the Bahamas.   That leaves me with a problem. I have to come up with more than 100 fresh topics for blog articles.  Usually when we're traveling that's not a problem, but here in Boot Key it's the same day after day.   One thing I've been considering for a while is to interview other cruisers and characters that we meet in the area and to write up their stories.   I'll give that a try.  Aside from that, it is time for me to ask for suggestions from my readers.  What subjects would you like me to write about?  Please send suggestions to my email

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  1. Thanks for asking for suggestions. It's been great reading your blog.

    As far as suggestions are concerned how about the following: Some of these might have already covered.

    1.) What kind of budget do you suggest for other cruisers.

    2.) What are your daily maintenance procedures?

    3.) What would you do without and what would you like to have if you could afford it?

    Those are just a couple.

    Thank you,

    Bob s/v Break'in Away


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