Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Damn Ice Cream Truck

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL
34 42.54 N 081 05.58 W

Picture this scene.   It was around October 15, 1987.   I was sailing on Lake Mälaren in Sweden with my friend Sten-Örjan.  It was a very still morning.   There was almost no wind.  We were ghosting in the sailboat at a speed of 1 knot or less.   There was dense fog.

We navigated by sight and sound. You see, we were near Björkö, the famous island that housed an ancient viking settlement. The shore was about 50 meters away, and we could see the yellow leaves of birch trees in the fall, and the myriad colors of the reeds that Swedes call vass. Swedes are very fond of their vass. I agree, their colors in the fall are subtle and beautiful. Sound also carries especially well in still air and fog. We could plainly hear the cows mooing from miles around. In my mind I could almost hear the sounds of the cows chewing their cud. Sten-Örjan was at the helm while I stood in the bow, just drinking in the peace and the beauty.

Suddenly, the peace of the scene was rudely broken by the very loud, very jangling, jingle of an ice cream trucks. Yes, in Sweden they have ice cream trucks just like here in the USA. The Swedish ones all seem to play the same tune, so that they are instantly recognizable. Their music is set loud enough to be heard inside houses with all the doors and windows shut and over the TV playing. Ugh! I was outraged and angry at that ice cream truck for ruining my moment. Ever since that day, I've held a grudge against ice cream trucks. I hate them.

Swedish Ice Cream Truck

Here in Marathon, there is an ice cream truck that seems to come every day. I still hate the sound. This particular truck seems to want to push the boundaries of offensiveness even more. It continues long after dark in the night. That sounds dangerous. The last thing we need is children running into the streets in the dark. Nevertheless, that's what he does. He even comes into the City Marina Parking lot playing that music. He even does it when our local group, The Barnacles, are providing free live music down by the water. The truck's music is very much louder than the band's music. Arg!!!

Florida Ice Cream Truck

Can we make an exception to the law to allow justifiable violence directed at ice cream trucks?


  1. I loved those ice cream trucks in Sweden. I still remember the jingle. It was kind of a Swedish pop goes the weasel. And the kids on Björkö deserve ice cream like the rest of us.

  2. As a Swedish update we still have the Hemglass ice cream truck running past our cabin at Bråviken every Sunday afternoon. I can stand the "noise" with this low frequency. I never buy their ice cream though.

  3. Best post. You give excellent information about ice cream truck as well as best photos. I like most ice cream. Well done.

  4. Hi!
    I see that you have borrowed a picture of me. This is without asking if I think it's okay. I also see that you have done it without linking back to me so other people can find out who took the picture! On the plus side, however, is that you didn't remove my copyright mark.
    I don't think it's okay to borrow photos without asking first, so I'm a little sad. Moreover, it is actually illegal to take a picture without asking the person who created it first! I don't know exactly what it's like in your country but here in Sweden it is in any case illegal!
    It's okay that you have keep the picture, but still, I feel you should link back to my blog so others can find me! And of course you can also thank me for the loan!

    Have a great summer!

  5. Nice with the link back to my blog but PLEASE!!!! On the right picture please!! The first one is mine and there should my link be! Thanks for changing!


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