Thursday, February 17, 2011

Watch Out

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL
34 42.54 N 081 05.58 W

My son David didn't like my post about the ice cream trucks.   David was about 12 years old when we  left Sweden.  His perspective is different than mine.  He said, "I loved those ice cream trucks in Sweden. I still remember the jingle. It was kind of a Swedish pop goes the weasel. And the kids on Björkö deserve ice cream like the rest of us."  Now I'm vulnerable.  If David makes that jingle his ring tone on his phone, he will have discovered yet another way to drive his old man crazy. :)

We have a new permanent presence in Marathon.  See above.    Attention cruisers: if you come to Marathon and if you donate $10 to the Cancer Society, you too can post your road sign.  Space and time are limited.


  1. I think saying that about Davids ring tone was a mistake. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Joshua Slocum, on his epic singlehanded round the world 'cruise' (would he have called it a 'cruise' or a voyage, and what IS the difference?) found an island off the Straits of Magellan which, by its location, had probably never known the footstep of man. He claims to have posted a sign (there's the tie in to you post (post? sign? oh, I get it, nice one, Dick!)) that warned "Keep off the Grass".
    I smile everytime I think of that, and secretly dream of someday violating it, just because.


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