Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coldward Ho

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FLT
34 42.54 N 081 05.58 W

Today is our last day in Marathon this season.  Tomorrow, we start our northerly migration.  We hear that it is still snowing in Vermont, and that the daily high/low in New Bern, NC is 45/33.  Therefore, we won't move too quickly.

Actually, it has been oppressively hot and humid here the past few days.  That's another reminder to move north.

We would like to go up the west coast, and cross Lake Okeechobee.  However there is a drought and the lake level is too low for us to pass without fear of running aground.   Instead we'll go east, past Key Largo and Miami.   If things go well, we'll go out in the Gulf Stream and get an extra boost.

Our immediate goal is Vero.  I see that the winds will become northerly for a few days, so we'll probably wait it out there.  With the higher fuel prices, we'll try to sail more and motor less.  That means resisting the urge to keep moving a little every day, and to wait for the right weather.

This was our 5th winter in Marathon.  Five out of six. I must say this was the most fun year of all.  Libby especially found her social niche better than in past years.  I too had great fun and we made new friends who I expect and hope will be lifelong friends.

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