Sunday, March 27, 2011

End of Winter

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FLT
34 42.54 N 081 05.58 W

Jenny flew home yesterday.   Boy do we miss her already.  All three of us had a grand week -- so much fun that anything else has to be a let down.   

It seems that we weren't paying attention during the week she was here -- almost everyone else seems to have left the harbor.   Many of the mooring balls are vacant and things look different.  The dinghy dock and marina seem empty and there are washing machines sitting unused. Time for us also to turn our thoughts to northward migration.

We'll leave in the next few days.  No actual plan yet.  We want to be in North Carolina in early may.  Dave and Cathy have a new house in Raleigh that we haven't seen.  Also, our grandson Nick is at Fort Bragg waiting to deploy to Iraq in May.  Beyond that, we haven't made up our minds yet about next summer.  Maine, Nova Scotia, Champlain, and Georgian Bay Lake Huron are all things we've discussed.   Just as long as it is far enough north to escape excessive summer heat.

We also hoped to begin by sailing up to Fort Meyers and crossing Lake Okechobee.  That is lots of fun.  Alas, there is a drought and the lake level is low and falling lower each day.  It appears that we could get though OK regarding depth but with only about 0.1 feet margin!  I'm afraid that's too little.  We'll have to go the other way.

Key West:  We spent Thursday and Friday in Key West.  What a place of great contrasts.   We caroused on Duval Street at night; something we've never seen before.  We encountered only one mostly naked person; a young lady.   What can I say about her; my grandkids read this blog?  I'll say this, "Holy Moley."  I know what you're going to say.  This is Duval street, how could I know she was really female?  Believe me, I know.  

Then we walked only 5 blocks back to Mary Ann's house in a residential neighborhood.  It was a totally different world.  Quaint, and peaceful, and secure and charming.  We slept well and had a relaxing breakfast the next morning.  Then, the four of us went to The Butterfly Conservatory (again on Duval Street, but daytime Duval).  Libby and I have been there before, it is a wonderful Zen-like experience.

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