Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jen's Pics

You are invited to view Jen Mills's photo album: The Florida Keys - March 2011


  1. Dick---the addition of Jenny's photos really opens up your blog to a huge and greatly appreciated degree!! Please thank her on my behalf! They give flavor to the time you as a family spent togeather, that incredible region, and I was impressed by the duration of your lung-power with that conch. And, by the humor of listening to you boat folk 'banter' that conch-blow back and forth at sunset, complete with Jenny's remark about (someone else's conch-blow) sounding like it was eminating from the bathroom! It looked like a great visit and trip to another couple of the Keys. Thank you! Chuck H.

  2. Thanks for posting the photos. Brings back many memories and also a chance to see many new views. It was a long winter up north.

    Fair winds,


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