Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Return To Vero

Vero Beach
27 39.80 N 080 22.39 W

Well, we've been back here a few days.  What have we accomplished?  I did some critical shopping for things that we can't readily buy anywhere but Vero.  Vero is unique among East Coast destinations for it's access to stores and services.

Today we sat out the passage of yet another one of those nasty cold fronts replete with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. However, as it passed over here it wasn't severe at all.  That't the luck of the draw.

Tomorrow I want to tackle a persistent leak we have in our dinghy.  I've tried 3 times so far to repair the leak, but with no success.   Here in Vero I have a chance to do it properly.  I can row ashore with my tools, and our Honda generator.  I can haul it up on the grass, use the tools to prep, and then lay down new fiberglass cloth and epoxy, then hop the bus and go to the library while it cures.  If everything goes right, I can return to the dinghy before sunset, launch it, and everything will be fine.  At least that's the theory.


  1. Hello Tarwathie,

    You probably have a plan for this and just didn't mention it for the sake of keeping the blog from being too wordy (not that this faithful reader would MIND that at all!), but epoxy has inadequate UV resistance and so it should be painted or covered in some way (but, it needs to fully cure before it is painted so maybe that explains it and you will be painting it on another day).

    Enjoying your blog and looking forward to each installment, as always :)

  2. What are you going to do with the generator while you are at the library ?

    Bill Kelleher


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