Friday, May 20, 2011

Excuses Excuses

New Bern, NC
35 05.91 N 077 01.95 W

Earlier, we said that we would be leaving New Bern this week.  The weather has been great.  There is no weather reason why we didn't leave.  Yet here we sit.  Further, I think we'll be here for much of next week also.    What's our excuse for such inaction?   It's not complicated;  we like it too much here.

Every morning this week, we got up and said, "Shall we go?"   "Nah," is the answer, "let's stay another day."   After several days of that we learned that there is a big motorcycle meet here this weekend.  That sounds like fun to see.  Then we learned that Saturday is the beginning of the end of the world and that 170,000 people have pledged to rape, pillage, and burn starting Saturday night.  Gee, a horde of rampaging bikers -- what a sight to see?  We can always leave the dock and drop anchor 100 meters away to watch the show.   Finally, David gets more days off next week to try for one more day sail.  What better place to do it than here?

The real answer is that we don't need any excuse.  The cruiser's privilege is to decide every day, "will I stay or will I go," 365 days every year.

The flooding situation in Champlain is not getting better.  Indeed, it's still raining and the water level is coming up again.

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