Friday, May 27, 2011

On the Road Again

35 16.58 N 076 36.40 W

Well, we reluctantly left New Bern and we're heading north again. It has been a splendid sailing day today. Tarwathie almost flew down the Neuse River.

Wednesday and Thursday we had another visit from David. The three of us then drove to Fayetteville, NC and there met Cathy. We all then picked up Nick for a farewell dinner. Nick's unit left for the war zone yesterday. We hope for the best. We're also confident that Nick will be a very good soldier. He's very happy at least to be sent to do the job he's been training for so long.

I have to give New Bern very high marks as a stopover place. The city and the New Bern Grand Marina where we stayed are both excellent. Everything we need is within walking or bicycle distance. We got to use the facilities and perqs of the Hilton Hotel. Whenever the weather beckons, the Neuse River is right there for day sailing. It is the only place I know on the east coast where a Waffle House restaurant can be easily reached from the boat. That alone gives it an A. David and I are both big fans of Waffle House.

Our plan is to work up to Elizabeth City, then the Dismal Swamp Canal, then Hampton, VA. The next step depends on the weather. If favorable, we'll go to sea and head for New York. If not, we'll go up the Chesapeake and down the Delaware.

Our ultimate destination this week grows more uncertain every day. Lake Champlain and Vermont sound like disaster areas. Libby had the best idea. We *must* go up the Hudson. We have several important visits to accomplish. After that, we'll choose between Buffalo on the canal, Champlain on the canal, or to reverse course and head for Maine.

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