Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beauty in Variety

Carolina Beach State Park
34 03.03 N 077 55.14 W

The nature here is very beautiful and varied.  Down at the river bank are barrier dunes and sea grasses.  Behind those are salt marshes.  Only one half mile inland are strictly fresh water cyprus swamps.  In between are a half dozen other ecologies.

Even the river water is a mixed environment.   We are about 10 miles from the sea.  Powerful outflow currents exist, but also powerful tides come in.  As a guess, I would say that the water here is fresh 1/3 of the time, brackish 1/3 and salt 1/3.  Only highly adaptive species survive here but the ones that do are especially robust and prolific.

One mile behind us is Carolina Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Long-leaf Pines, Reindeer Moss, small Live Oaks
Pitcher plant

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