Monday, October 10, 2011

Different things.

Zebulon, NC

Yesterday Dave and I did something we've never done before.  We built a new PC from components.  We had parts and advice from my grandson Bobby.  Guess what -- it worked first time when we turned it on!  That is despite the fact that we had lots of leftover parts, and leftover wires that didn't plug into anything.   Then Dave installed Windows 7, piece of cake. Then we plugged in a network cable -- bingo we were online. I installed Google chrome and AVG antivirus.  We're in business.

Hats off to Bobby for the encouragement and good advice.

Dave's real objective with this PC is to dedicate it as a games machine.    Somehow I doubt that.  It will get used for lots more than games.

Doing all that is easier and cheaper than I imagined.   If I were a landlubber today I would set up my own dedicated games PC with 3-5 video monitors and run the flight simulator programs.

Something else new. now offers many ways to format and to browse this blog.  Some of them look very useful and very attractive to read on a large monitor.  However, I think regular readers are used to the way it looks and feels today so I'm reluctant to change.   What a shame they don't offer the option for each reader (as opposed to each blog author) to choose the look and feel.


  1. Congrats Dick!

    It's a real kick the first time you build your own PC. I built mine and I doubt that I will ever buy another ready-built desktop.

    Laptops are another story. ;-)

  2. For what it's worth, Dick, the format you've chosen for your blog makes it easy to use, esp. to those of us who follow you regularly.

    Chuck H.
    Portland, OR

  3. Building your own PC is the best way to go. It's what I did as a business for 20 years. The parts are generic and much less expensive than the proprietary parts the name brands use and the quality is better.


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