Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Easy LIfe or Hard Life?

Ocracoke Coffee Company
35 06.73 N 075 58.61 W

Yesterday I went to the beach on my bicycle.  I've never been there before.  What a great beach!  It looks much like the beach at Cumberland Island.  It is about 16 miles long, nice sand, backed by a barrier dune, and populated by lots of birds and shells.  The water was pretty warm too.  We are really close to the Gulf Stream here.  

I think I'll go back to the beach again this afternoon.

This morning I worked on a stack of three electrical problems that needed repair. My list of projects never hits bottom.  On the other hand, I never give up.  On the average, I think the backlog of projects waiting attention stays about constant.   

I also found that our engine air filter was very dirty.  I never checked it before.  I figured (incorrectly it seems) that there was no source for dust in that engine compartment so the filter would never get dirty.  Wrong.  There's no place on Ocracoke to buy a new one so it will have to wait a few days.

Libby found a roadside taco stand called Eduardo's.  She bought two burritos for supper last night. They were huge.  We got two meals out of each.

Tonight we have a Balderdash tournament arranged.  We have a pretty cosmopolitan Eagroup too.  Ourselves, a couple from Prince Edward Island Canada, and a third couple from The Cayman Islands.  The Cayman Islanders came here in a little motor boat that doesn't look at all like a cruising vessel.  They are intrepid though.  They watched carefully for a weather window and made the ocean passage from Cayman to Cuba, then they did it again from Cuba to the Florida Keys.  After that it has been ICW all the way.  Cool.

So, I did three hours work in two days and here I am complaining about how hard life is.  

p.s. The fresh water leak I repaired last week is diminished but still leaking.  It leaks about a gallon per day.  Sigh, I'll have to remove, inspect and re-plumb the after tank.  That's a lot harder than the forward tank.


  1. Dick - just a heads up as to what you'll find in Oriental - Irene, as you know was less than kind to the inner banks and the area around Oriental was very hard hit - some folks had over 6 feet of storm surge and the flood damage to homes and businesses was significant. I say that to let you know you may or may not have the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee at the Bean. It was flooded and required new floors and sheetrock. Expected reopen date varies on who you talk with but hopefully it will be soon. I'm enjoying your posts -

    One suggestion on isolating the leak - (fore or aft tank) isolate them with the valves and go heavy on the food coloring - should show which one is leaking.
    Fair winds
    SV These Days II
    Oriental, NC
    Currently berthed on Lake Lanier Atlanta, Ga

  2. Dick,
    If your filter is the paper kind with a plastic edge take and smack it against your other hand. That should knock a lot of the dirt loose and make it last a little longer till you can find a new one.

    Bill Kelleher


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