Friday, October 07, 2011


Cherry Point MCAS

We remarked several times before how hospitable the people of North Carolina are.  Noplace is is more evident than here at Hancock Yacht Club.  We come here foremost to visit with our friends Jeff and Wendy on the W32 Calypso.  However, once we get here all the other people at the club are wonderfully friendly and welcoming.  

The club is on the property of the Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station.  It can be noisy.  We're near the end of the runway so low-flying military planes are passing over all the time.  Also, at times we hear the boom boom of artillery and explosive training.

They have a tradition of meeting at the yacht club tiki bar every day at 1630.  That's very nice, at least on warm days.  But even on cool days they bundle themselves up in extra layers of clothes and sit there on the waterfront.

The marina suffered damage and sunk one boat during Hurricane Irene, as did almost everyone along the Neuse River.  Where Tarwathie is tied up, the pilings stick 8 feet above the water.  The piling next to us has scrapings of a sailboats bottom paint on the top of the piling.  Imagine what it must have looked like out here when that happened.

Saturday/Sunday we'll be in Zebulon with Dave & Cathy.  :)  Probably no blogs those days.

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