Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hurry - go, No hurry -stop

Oriental Public Dock
35 01.49 N 076 41.73 W

Yesterday, George and Carol from Traumeri drove down from New Bern to say hello.  We all went out for pizza.  Oriental is a fun place.

It was our plan to leave this morning, heading for a weather window starting Sunday to go out to sea from Cape Fear.   Well, this morning when I got up, I rechecked the weather first thing.  The supposed window on Sunday vanished.   Now the earliest possible window is a week from today.   So, we changed plans.  We'll stay here one more day.  I'll wave to the web cam.

That is a recurring pattern in our migrations.   We hope for a window.  When it doesn't come, we stay on the ICW and motor.  After a while, we begin to get frustrated; longing for the open sea.   Oh well, such is the life of the East Coastal Cruiser.

I have a mission today.  Al, the previous owner of Tarwathie, has a new boat, Maylay, that is up on the hard here in Oriental.  He asked me to check her out.  However, he can't remember which boat yard it is in.  I'll visit them all until I find the right one.

By the way, Libby and I got our morning belly laugh from this article.  Read it out loud to your partner, you'll love it.

My Droid is misbehaving.  First it was the on/off switch, now it is the touch screen. I think it has salt air disease.  (Most consumer electronics on board suffer that fate.)  I pay the insurance fee for all hazards, but to invoke that, I have to have a new phone sent to  a snail mail address.  What address to use when we're on the road?  I have a good candidate in Fernandina Beach, FL.  However how long will it take us to get there?  One to three weeks.  That's not precise enough for the insurance company.  When they send out a new phone, I only have a few days to return the broken one or else they charge me $500.  

Snail mail is one of the most vexing problems when living a nomadic life.  It was much better in Sweden in the 80s.  There, any ordinary letter mailed today, would reliably get to the destination anywhere in the country the next morning.  All mail was express mail.  I don't know if they still maintain that today.  It was nice.

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