Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Plans, No Cares

Sisters Creek
30 26.09 N 081 27.39 W

On Friday our friends Mike and Nancy took us out to a nice restaurant in Mayport.  It was right next to the Mayport ferry terminal and it had a great view of the river.  We were interested in Mike's stories about hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  It has certain similarities to boat cruising, but many differences.  Thank you Nancy and Mike.

Today we're heading down to visit Terri and Larry on the Saint Johns River.  They have a place on the water just a bit west of the ICW.  Tomorrow we'll head south on the ICW, hopefully with a near optimum tidal current boost.   I would like to get past Saint Augustine Monday, then head for Matanzas Inlet arriving at high tide on Tuesday.  We can spend a day or so exploring there.

After that what?  We have no plans, no schedule, no cares.  For the next 5 days or so the weather does not look favorable for going outside.  Therefore we'll just poke along the ICW.  Maybe we'll try the new marina at Marineland.  Maybe we'll call our school mate Kerry when we're in Daytona.  That's not a bad agenda; right?

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  1. Hi, Dick'n'Libby.
    If you stop by Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach it would be really great to see you guys again. Even though Selkie has moved on to new pastures, Carol still likes to keep up with the goings-on in Westsail world.

    Like you, we were up in NC, at New Bern, during the Irenian hurricane although we stayed in the hotel overlooking the marina where our new boat is. You can see the range of the tidal surge and, more impressively, the tidal "plunge" after the storm had passed, at

    Anyway, if you get the chance to give us a call, maybe we could get together and swap yarns?


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