Friday, October 14, 2011

The Rainbow Pic

Oriental Public Dock
35 01.49 N 076 41.73 W

Is is worth it to bring Tarwathie on a 4000 mile round trip to Lake Champlain every year?  Was it worth the trouble and expense to put the mast up?   Yes yes yes, thousand times yes.  Sometimes, it only takes one magic moment to make everything worthwhile.   So was the case August 22, on Lake Champlain in Shelburne Bay.  The picture of Tarwathie below is not faked or retouched in any way.

Click on the image to see it full screen and uncropped.  Look closely at the upper right and you can see a second rainbow.  The wide angle lens was not wide enough to capture the 2nd of the double rainbow.  It really was a magic moment.

You can download a high resolution copy of the picture here. It was taken by, Brian McPhee; a professional photographer.  He just happened to be anchored near us that evening and in a perfect place to make the shot.  Professional photographers can be prickly if their work is misued.  Brian gave permission to post it to my blog.  


  1. great image even if I do say so myself, following your blog is most interesting
    Brian McPhee

  2. Wow. That is an awesome shot! Brian, you should enter that in a contest or something. Dick- you should frame it.

  3. Wow! Amazing! Wonderful! how special - the place , the photo, you 2 . What a gorgeous photo to have of your boat - Brian thank you for letting Dick and Libby share this. We miss our westsail ,we are in. The boat yard,hope to be launched Tuesday . See you soon - we think will side trip to New Bern xo Marg,Don & Tiller


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