Friday, October 21, 2011

Ready, Set, ...

Little River Inlet, Calabash, SC
33 51.50 N 0778 34.16 W

Whew, we finally escaped from Carolina Beach.  Our original intent was to stay there 1.5 days; enough to have dinner with Tom & Kathy, plus time to explore the nature trails.  It became 4 days because of weather and it started to get boring.  Yesterday, it was really nasty out on the river.  A really strong wind opposed the tide and whipped the water into a froth. The humid wind was bitterly cold. Nobody in the marina wanted to leave, including us.  

Today, was nice.  Highs about 75F and low 45F.  It will be like that the next three days at sea.  Light following winds, following seas, and almost warm during the day.  Night watches out in that open cockpit will be very cold.  However, we hope that each night will get warmer as we move south.   250 miles to go to the Saint Mary's River Inlet, estimated time 48-60 hours.   We leave at first light tomorrow racing a falling tide.

Congratulations to Mabrouk and all our Lybian friends.  Weeks ago, I asked Mabrouk if he was happy at the success of the revolution.  His grim reply was, "He's still alive."   For many Lybians it was more than a governmental revolution, it was a violent and just end for a hated cruel dictator.  I think the Lybian people were entitled to it.

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