Thursday, October 27, 2011

Repaired and Ready

Fernandina Beach, Florida
30 43.14 N 081 32.78 W

Well, our new mounts are in, the engine is aligned.  For the time being, vibrations seem to be a minimum.   We have yet to settle on the long term solution.  I plan to go on the hard at Cracker Boys in Fort Pierce, but we have not net decided on a course of action.  Stay tuned.  I'll let you know what Beta says.

A very favorable surprise was the good service from Tradewinds,  a local marine service company with proprietor Wayne York.  They did the job in 3.5 hours @65.   Two years ago, Helseth Marine, from Vero Beach, took 9 hours @$100, and the end result was not as good. Quite a difference.  Our local friend, Charlie recommended Tradewinds.  Thanks for that tip Charlie.

On the social scene, we've been riding high this week.  Yesterday I was using my computer in the sailors lounge here at the city marina when I heard a loud voice behind me, "You're Under Arrest."   It was Darrick, the police chief from Wisconsin who is now Captain of the cruising boat Y-Knot under direction of his Admiral Sharron.  They left Beaufort NC the day before we left Little Inlet.  Darrick was better at reading the weather than I was.  He hugged the coast rather than following the rhumb line.   During the two days we were out, Y-Knot passed us and arrived at Saint Marys Inlet 5 hours before we did.

Tonight, we had a visit from local cruisers Larry and Terri.  They live nearby on the Saint Johns river.   We introduced them to Darrick and Sharron, and the 6 of us went out for a very nice Italian dinner.   Fernandina Beach is a great place for such activities.  It is also a great favorite for tourists.  Every day we see tourists walking around the waterfront obviously charmed by the atmosphere.  It reminds me of how Libby and I were instantly enchanted by Boothbay Harbor Maine when we first encountered it on our honeymoon way back in 1965.

Tomorrow night we have a date with Mike and Nancy.  After that, we're not sure on our next move.  The weekend weather is not the best for going offshore.   

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  1. Way back in 1065.....that honeymoon was a looong time ago :)


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