Thursday, November 17, 2011


Vero Beach
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What have we wrought?   Cheryl called Libby to say that she brought some of her baskets to a gift shop where Cheryl sell her home made soaps.  The gift store sold out the baskets in no time and asked for more -- all they could get.   Poor Libby, it drove her into a frenzy.

Since last summer, Libby has been basketing full speed to keep up with our social life.  You see, those baskets make perfect house gifts when we are invited to dinner.   But now with this store thing the demand doubled and redoubled.

Don't get me wrong, she still loves doing it.   It hasn't become a burden yet.  But the pace recently has been frenzied.

Below is the next batch we'll be sending to that store.  I really love how unique each basket is.  No two alike.  Libby says that she just starts and that the basket tells her how it wants to look.   She's also getting better at ending -- that is finishing the last row so smoothly that it's hard to tell where it ends.

I think that after sending this batch off, she'll slow down for a while.

Now below is something completely different.  That basket was a gift to Libby from her friend Mary Ann.  It is about the size and shape of Libby's baskets, but this one is made of multi-color telephone wire from Africa.  She loves it.

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  1. Beautiful baskets mom! But, don't slow down yet, Shelburne Farms is having their annual art show/sale and you will receive an application :)


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