Sunday, November 20, 2011

Street View: Date Palm Road

Vero Beach
27.39.56 N 080 22.27 W

The neighborhood behind the Vero marina and the beach is especially nice.  The houses are modest in size and highly varied.  The gardens and yards are exquisite and varied.  The dominant trees, life oaks, make it shady and beautiful.   

During the week the neighborhood is deserted, but around supper time, all the lights are on and the houses are filled with people.  That tells me that the residents are working people.  The homes are not second or third vacation homes for the super rich.

Some of the houses and grounds are meticulously maintained, as if the Mexican gardener is there every day.  Other houses and grounds look almost abandoned,  Once again, variety.

There seems to be an invisible line between Vero and Melbourne, only 15 miles north.   South of the line is subtropical.   All sorts of tropical plants grow here that can't survive colder climates.  Along the waterways, 100% of the shore lines are overgrown with mangroves.  North of Vero, mangroves become increasingly rare until Matanzas.  Matanzas seems to be the northernmost extent of mangroves in Florida, and only the red mangrove species grows there.  Anyhow, the tropical climate in Vero makes the plant life especially beautiful.

The other day I walked up Date Palm Road.  It runs from the Vero marina and the ICW on one end, to the Atlantic Ocean on the other end.   Then I walked back on Euginia Road.  Along the way I snapped almost every house -- Google Street View style.   The slide show here shows the best shots.  

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  1. Dick,
    I saw only one for-sale sign in your slide show of homes. Is that due to selective photography or does it represent the real estate market?


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