Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Work Ethic

Vero Beach
27.39.56 N 080 22.27 W

It's hard to maintain a work ethic down here.  

Yesterday I intended to realign the engine.  However, it was such a spelendid day weather wise, that I talked Libb6y into going to the beach instead.  We spent a couple of hours walking barefoot in the sand up to our ankles in water.  The water was warm.  It would have been good for swimming but the high surf red flags were still out.  Anyhow, it was a great day.  The beach here at Vero is really nice.

Today I resolved to do the alignment.   However, first thing in the morning I had to run the engine to charge the batteries.   Then the engine block was hot.  I had to wait 3 hours for it to cool.  I worked on the job for two hours.  I felt a lack of confidence that I was doing it right.   Around noon, an opressively hot sun swung around just enough to make it very hot in the cockpit.  I knocked off for the day.   Later that afternoon I ran into Tom.  Tom said that he's alighed several engines and would be glad to help.   That is after he's had a few days to get settled after arriving in Vero.  I guess the job won't get done for a few daya more.

On the other hand, we're retired.  We have no schedule. We are not up on the hard in a dusty boat yard.  Why should we follow a work ethic?  

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  1. You got out of bed.
    You wrote a (nearly) daily blog.
    You explored and enjoyed your world.
    You fulfilled all your obligations.

    I don't think so.



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