Friday, December 02, 2011

The Weather Made Us Do It

At sea
24 42.36 N 080 59.65 W

We had grand plans to go slow and visit more places on the way. But yesterday was such a splendid sailing day and today is even better. Plus that, the Hawk Chanel is one of our favorite sailing places.  We couldn't resist.

We did make one change. Instead of sailing 24 hours straight, we stopped for the night at Rodriguez Key.  I screwed up and anchored in a place sheltered from wind but not from waves. The consequence was a very uncomfortable and insecure night. I had to sit up on anchor watch most of the night.  Oh well, nobody to blame but myself.

It was a clear day with blue sky. To our south are the nearly ever present thick clouds marking the Gulf Stream.  (A discovery of Benjamin Franklin)  I took one shot of the clouds for you to see. Then I did it again as a 180 degree panorama. You will have to click on the panorama to see the whole picture.

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