Thursday, January 26, 2012

Opus Alveus

Marathon, Florida
24 42.40 081 N 05.68 W

Well, it's finally done.  For the past month, Libby has been working monomaniacally on a very big pine needle basket project.  It is a set of four dinner-plate size place mats.   They turned out very beautiful -- at least I think so.   Her work keeps getting better and better.

However I don't think she'll tackle such a big project again any time soon.  It used up all the needles we had on board, and also 500-600 yards of thread.  That's a lot of stitching.  She didn't do it alone.  Libby's friends Sandra and Sharron also shared the work.

They are headed way up north to our friend Terri.  In this case, way up north, means Jacksonville, Florida.

p.s. We're headed out to remote regions of Florida Bay for a couple of days.  Perhaps no blogs.

Also on the basket front, Libby is having fun teaching other cruiser ladies about pine needle basket making up at the marina.   She had been trying to keep it limited to 3-4 ladies at a time by invitation only.  However, she did something imprudent.  She announced a schedule change to the baskets session on the Cruiser's Net.  That let the secret out to the whole harbor.  Yesterday, she was overwhelmed by 15 students.   Once again, her friends Sharron and Sandra lept in with helping hands.  They taught the advanced students while Libby did the beginners.

Is Libby feeling put out by all this stuff?  Not at all.  She seems to thrive on the demand, the purpose of action, and the praise she gets.   I think she's found her niche.  Needing to manage the size and scope of the projects is a nice problem to have.

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