Friday, February 24, 2012

Strike Up The Band

Marathon, Florida
24 42.40 081 N 05.68 W

I know a lot of blog readers are waiting for the verdict on our new prop.  It's installed!  Vibrations gone!  After living with these vibrations for 7 years, it is a major relief to have it fixed.

Boatyards in the keys are expensive.  One yard 6 miles East of here would haul me for $384 plus $50 for blocking.  Then I could stay and work for $40/day.  However, we want to repaint the bottom up on the Neuse river this spring. Marathon Boat Yard right in Boot Key Harbor quoted me $250/hour for a quick in/out.  WOW!  However, if I could do it in 1 hour it was cheaper.  That's what I did, and we did finish in 1 hour to the minute.

I disassembled the Maxprop.  The last piece is the hub that's pressed on the shaft.  I couldn't get it off.  My gear puller wouldn't pull it.  Once before I had to use an acetylene torch to sweat it off.  I had to ask the boatyard for help.  They considered and rejected using a hydraulic puller.  Then a beefy yard guy came with a 2" steel shaft and a 6 pound hammer.  WHANG and it popped off.  

When I paid, the boatyard owner asked if I used help.  I said, "Yes.  10 minutes."  He said their minimum labor was 1 hour at $100 per.  He charged me only 1/2 hour. That WHANG cost me $50.  But when you're up on the sling like that, you're at their mercy and in no position to negotiate.  I could have tried harder to get it off myself, or tried to argue with, but at $250/hour I was in a very big hurry.

Afterward, we went out for a test spin.  Vibrations, gone!!!   However, my max RPM is 2600, it should be 3000.  I'll have to have the new prop repitched.  Also, I was not able to slide the prop up on the taper enough for the conical prop nut to go on all the way.  I have no safety pin at the moment. That makes my very nervous.  I'm not quite sure at the moment what to do about it.

I only have 3/4 inch between the prop and the shaft log bolts.

The conical prop nut, that I could not safety with a pin.

Finished job with the conical hub zinc installed

The boat yard charged us $250/hour to sit in the sling.

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  1. Good to hear the vibration is gone. It looks in the photo that you may have enough thread exposed to drill a new hole for a cotter pin.

    Good luck,


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